The P35 online filing deadline is 23rd February

The P35 online filing deadline is 23rd February

Do all employers need to file a P35?

The P35 is an annual return that is completed by all registered employers after the tax year end. This return gives details for everyone you employed at any time during the tax year. These details include:

  • Pay As You Earn (PAYE)
  • Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI)
  • Universal Social Charge (USC)
  • Local Property Tax (LPT)

How do you file a P35?

Revenue Online Service (ROS)

ROS is a quick and secure way to file your P35 online and to pay any balance due. If you are registered for ROS, you can upload a P35 electronically by using ROS-compatible payroll software. You can also file online for manual payrolls.

Paper returns are only available to customers who are not mandatory e-filers and who do not have access to ROS.

    The deadline for filing your P35 return is 23 February if you file online using ROS. If you file using a paper return the deadline is 15 February.

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